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    Im not sure if anyone has talked about this on another post but my storm wont charge. I was using it today and had it connected to computer transferring data. When I pulled it off my battery drastically dropped from like 4 bars to 2. Than within 5 minutes it said low battery. I put the phone on charge and the bolt thing came up but my phone wouldnt seem to charge. Than the bolt went away and wouldnt charge at all. I changed the battery but still no luck. Once I hooked it up to usb cable on the computer it showed the charging bolt but it died while it was "charging". The phone wont turn on at all and I put it on charge and nothing is happening. It wont even show the red light on the indicator that it is charging. I am using this phone on AT&T so VZW wont help me. Can anyone help?
    05-22-09 01:06 AM