1. af6473's Avatar
    Ok i have a unlocked 9530 on tmobile and 2 days ago the screen went white with some words and now its stuck inthe boot up process sometimes if i wait awhile it comes back on but freezes after a few hours and loops in the boot again but i know its not broken because when i take my sim card out it works fine someone please help me this was a gift from my dad oh yea im on 5.0 softwear
    05-22-10 12:01 AM
  2. popimp315's Avatar
    try doing a wipe of the phone...it'll take the original os off the phone but you'll have to Load it back on. Im sure if you go to os discusion you'll find it. The program that i use to wipe my device is BBSAK...it does a good job. then after that, keep your phone plugged in, download w/e os you want and then use apploader to load it it....c:/program files-common files-research in motion-loader-apploader....and then you should be set. I'll be on tmorrow so let me know if ya need help....hope this helps man
    05-22-10 01:17 AM
  3. Falling's Avatar
    If a wipe and reload don't fix the problem, search the forum for "how to fix a nuked blackberry" It is almost impossible to truly kill a berry other than with a hammer, just need the instructions. Search is your friend
    05-22-10 11:55 PM