1. jookey's Avatar
    My contract runs out on June 2nd so I can get an upgrade from then. I'm really after a Storm but don't wanna get one if a new one is out in 6 months. I know no-one knows any definite details but what knid of time frame will it be possibly out. If it's a year I'll get the current one but 6 months and I'll just wait.
    05-14-09 01:09 PM
  2. BB_SHAWN's Avatar
    I'll put money down by December the Storm 2 or something as nice will be out just in time for the Christmas shopping season. I would wait a few months.
    05-14-09 01:21 PM
  3. Bigdaddy2009's Avatar
    Its all gonna be personal preference. I love the storm and have had Zero issues with it. But some people have had MANY issues with it. Try it, you have 30 days to trade it in for something else. Or at least with VZW you do.
    05-14-09 01:30 PM
  4. anon(1600764)'s Avatar
    They can't even get out this official update we've been hearing about for months upon months and you're talking about a storm 2? Funny

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    05-14-09 01:52 PM
  5. BB_SHAWN's Avatar
    They can't even get out this official update we've been hearing about for months upon months and you're talking about a storm 2? Funny

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    Funny? I'm not talking about a Storm 2, RIM is:

    Storm 2 Confirmed by RIM:
    RIM’s BlackBerry Storm 2 Confirmed
    05-14-09 01:56 PM
  6. Bigdaddy2009's Avatar
    ^^^ LOL at this
    05-14-09 02:17 PM
  7. cyberxen's Avatar
    I bought mine in December and really wished I had waited, as I feel like I inadvertently rewarded RIM for producing a substandard product (the OS specifically). I checked out Crackberry before I bought and got the impression that an OS update would be available soon, but we all know how far that got :-)
    05-14-09 02:32 PM
  8. stormsucks75's Avatar
    I would wait. the storm was a mistake from the start. I ended up with the curve and I am very happy. If you are using your storm for work forget about it. The storm is for consumers.

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    05-14-09 02:34 PM
  9. fyrman49's Avatar
    It is your choice. I have had mine since December and realy don't have much to complain about it. Just the typicle glitches you will read about. Otherwise its a great device. If you wait, the new BB device will also have issues...its a given. So jump on to the band wagon or wait for the next band wagon to come by and jump onto it.
    05-14-09 02:44 PM
  10. MegaBit's Avatar
    Wait for something better. The current Storm is a failure in many ways-- both hardware and software. Even a RIM CEO admitted they "didn't get it right".
    05-14-09 03:45 PM
  11. ppeoucb's Avatar
    i'd wait till december, the storm is ok and quit functional, but still has a lot of problems
    05-14-09 03:57 PM
  12. SilverLight98's Avatar
    wait, wait, wait
    05-14-09 04:06 PM
  13. bennyj's Avatar
    I wish I could tell ya the storm has been great, but with all the glitches my wife has had(she's on her 3rd storm) I can't. I'm taking her back to verizon today so she can get the curve. She's had it!

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    05-14-09 04:24 PM
  14. Odgin's Avatar
    I would say to wait because many things could happen this summer. I.e: Further announcements about storm 2 or maybe consider the third gen iphone if it lives up to its hype. Let's not forget about other rim phones like pluto/magnum etc.

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    05-14-09 04:26 PM
  15. Ravr's Avatar
    Verizon is getting a new BlackBerry around June/July, this is well known internally and externally. Searching around the web you'll find speculation, but we have no idea as to what kind of blackberry will come out.

    FYI: Storm 2 is a myth. A Storm sequel is fact. The current storm has such strong sales figures, they do not want to replace the device anytime soon.
    05-14-09 04:28 PM
  16. kinggeoff's Avatar

    dont listen to the twats on here that say one way or the other, we're all half ********. For many many many users the storm is quite functional and capable, as well as just about any other phone.

    For others, it is exactly what they DON'T want in a phone, but it takes trying one to realize this.

    Lots of people here from both camps, but it is a personal thing. There are people who stuck with .75 OS and LOVE the thing. Can't say enough good about it, and that's with a terrible OS.

    There are other people who bork the phone by installing mountains of needless apps and themes without any regard for the proper software maintenance of the phone. Same kind of people who whine about viruses on PCs and end up goin for a mac because it's foolproof.

    The storm has a lot of good about it and a lot of bad about it depending on where you PERSONALLY stand.

    If you really are gunning for one, try one out and see how you like it. Might not be for you...or might be exactly what you're looking for in a mobile phone.
    05-14-09 05:18 PM
  17. hudss's Avatar
    wait..until I get the storm 2..then you can buy mine..
    05-14-09 05:25 PM