1. kravvykrav's Avatar
    I gotta say I'm disappointed thus far. I'm REALLY wanting to love this phone. But typing on it just ain't happening for me ... it's actually getting worse the more I use it. I'm finding that the click mechanism itself is limiting how quickly I can type - I'm not lifting one thumb up fast enough before the other thumb comes down ... so when I try to type two letters in rapid succession, I'm just getting one full click (and a tap-only for the second letter) instead of two full clicks

    Anyone else getting this? Am I just an uncoordinated n00b? Also, the device is very buggy. Lots of lag between apps and during auto-rotation of the screen

    Too bad b/c the screen is really pretty and the device is very slick in look and feel. Heavy, but feels solid. I just don't like the screen. I want a BlackBerry that's good for typing, you know?

    A few videos and a few blog posts up on PhoneDog ... i can't post a URL b/c this is a new account

    11-21-08 05:52 PM