1. leica1215's Avatar
    on blackberry site's " where to buy" besides the service provider there are also listed wirefly or let'stalk...etc... anyone have experience with those source? it seems their price is much lower than what service provider's price.
    02-25-09 02:03 PM
  2. storminsc's Avatar
    The phones my husband and I used on ATT were from let's talk. I would highly recommend them again. I didn't pay a dime for either one of our phones - one was free (pearl) and my curve had a rebate making it free.

    If you have a few days for shipping, then I'd go that route definitely!
    02-25-09 02:12 PM
  3. xkegsx's Avatar
    If you have no intention of canceling your contract early then they are very good options. Also returns, not replacements, will be more difficult than if you had bought it at Verizon, it won't be as simple to return the phone to a Verizon store if you are unhappy with it. You will have to mail it back. Replacements for defects can still be brought to Verizon however. Companies like those and Amazon have added fees if you decide to cancel early, on top of what you would pay Verizon. Also, when I bought my phone from Wirefly I had to send a copy of my license to the company so they could verify it was me, an understandable safety measure if you ask me. Also Verizon will charge you the $35 activation fee when going through one of those companies on your first bill, so you're really saving ~$65 not $100. With that being said, they are reputable companies that are worth it if you understand what you're getting into contract-wise and don't mind the lack of a Brick and Mortar store to go to if you're unhappy with the phone you purchased.
    02-25-09 02:27 PM