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    I'm aware most people here are on US networks - but I have the feeling the phenomenon is more RIM- than network-specific:

    I got the chance to test a Google G1 for a week. When I moved back to my Storm 9500, the phone wouldn't connect to BIS anymore. In the online BIS interface, I was greeted with the message that my account has been disabled and that I have to call my carrier's (Swisscom) hotline. I did and was forwarded to tech support. Unfortunately, they couldn't resolve the problem. They saw that my account was disabled (but didn't know why) and that my Storm was "blocked" (whatever that means). They enabled the account again, made me do a battery pull but the phone simply won't connect. They told me they didn't know what else to do and that I should re-install the device. I did so, with the latest official OS version (which was a major pain because the phone went into 507 mode, had to move to a Windows XP box to get the issue resolved - leading to a complete loss of all of the data on the device). Anyway - that didn't help at all. Now I don't even get the browser icon because it won't receive Swisscom's service books.

    I can register the phone manually and get a confirmation e-mail - but nothing changes. Service status says that BIS isn't connecting.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? What should I tell tech support to do? I posted the same question in one of Swisscom's forums - and got a reply of someone who had the exact same thing happen to him. Tech support got it figured out but he doesn't know what they did.

    05-20-09 03:02 PM