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    Hi I am new to Verizon but I have been a Blackberry user for over 2 years. I just got a Storm on the 3rd of May and within 1 week had to take it back because the screen was not as responsive on each of the 4 corners. It turned out that the battery was defective and caused the screen to warp some so they exchanged it. They also cautioned me on best ways to carry the Storm on my belt and other things like charging the phone to assure no issues like this could occur. Now 2 weeks later I have 1 corner of the Storm not as sensitive (although it does respond) it just dont click the same as the other 3 corners I checked the battery and it isnt warped like the first phone. I may be paranoid but is any one else having issues like this, and if so I may go back to the curve, I love the storm for everything else but don't like the idea of having to warrenty out phones
    05-19-09 04:28 PM