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    BlackBerry Storm Disabled On AT&T & T-Mobile, Cheeky Verizon Friday, 11 June 2010 20:34 Sara Hooper BlackBerry Storm
    RIM's BlackBerry Storm is the Canadian company's answer to the iPhone 4. A full touchscreen handset that is a Verizon exclusive in the US by RIM's choice. However now it will also have to be the customer's choice too as reports have been pouring in this week that BlackBerry Storm users who either imported the handset from Europe or just purchased it without a contract from Verizon and are using the GSM slot with other carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T, can no no longer do so. The ability to do so has apparently been disabled by RIM.

    BlackBerry Storm 9530
    Previously, those who wished to use the BlackBerry Storm on other carriers that supported GSM like AT&T and T-Mobile simply inserted the 3rd party carrier's SIM card and were no longer stuck with Verizon, albeit forced to connect with 2G speeds only.

    The newest reports suggest that T-Mobile BlackBerry Storm users are hit first, being unable to operate RIM's phone's service books that allows connecting between the carrier and RIM's BIS servers i.e. emails.

    The speculations currently point to RIM having pulled the kill switch on its belowed 'Stormtroopers' at the request of Verizon. RIM has been known to be quite chummy with carriers so this is no surprise. One such case can be seen if you try and purchase new apps from App World, you are forced to do it via your network's 3G service even if you are within a WiFi area. This is in order for users to maintain a data plan with their carriers. Cheeky cheeky RIM.

    Unfortunately, T-Mobile hasn't been very helpful with the situation and it's understandable. Not their phone, not their problem. Can we expect the same from AT&T?
    06-11-10 10:47 PM
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    there's already a long thread about this

    looks like the article you pasted is from BlackBerry Storm Disabled On AT&T & T-Mobile, Cheeky Verizon

    the storm was not RIM's "answer to the iPhone 4", obviously, since the storm came out a year and a half before the iphone 4

    and with wording like "apparently been disabled by RIM" and "The speculations currently point" it is just unreferenced conjecture. It may be true, I don't know, but I dislike articles pretending to be fact when they are just recycled rumor. Who knows, maybe the source of the info for the info was some of the conspiracy theories advanced in that CB thread I referenced above
    06-12-10 06:13 AM