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    Well, I thought I may start a consolidated thread of Storm stories so that people who have stories can just post them here and I can just edit them in to the title post with their name attached and a moral at the bottom of the story. So post them here and leave a comment!

    Engsoccerfan's Storm Story!
    I actually had an interesting thing happen to me with the Storm. I was searching through the Crackberry forum for the first time, being a young BlackBerry Storm user, a few weeks ago. I chanced upon the New App Request: Sexy Dice thread. I read the title and thought, "Oh what a crappy idea!" However, as I began reading the actual post, I found the idea was actually FREAKING AMAZING! The app was due to come out that weekend so I waited. I was under the pretense it was free, but alas, it wasn't. So that weekend, I took my debit card and bought my VERY FIRST app and that's right, it was Sexy Dice! So that Tuesday, I went to my girlfriend's house after-school, and I'll leave you gentlemen and women to fill in the rest.

    Moral: Sex? I have an app for that.
    05-18-09 05:10 PM