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    So I have a Zune with over 21GB of music on it. I had a Parrot MK6100 Car kit installed also has stereo bluetooth mp3 capabilities. I haven't hard wired the Zune to my Nissan Titan deck so I have a Auxillery wire coming from Zune to AUX input.....for me it's really annoying plus I gotta pack the Zune around can't use controls on steering wheel. I've been transferring over all my music to my Storm except I'm running into a problem....DRM!!! Total BS everyone needs to know that if you buy music from online software (itunes, Zune, ect.) make sure you purchase DRM free music otherwise you get to convert all the DRM music ( I use Daniusoft converter) because the storm wont play it.

    Other than converting 15GB of DRM tunes and searching for a larger micro SD card to hold all of it (16GB best i found so far), now I got all my music on my storm and can use thru Parrot no wires, with Parrot remote attached to steering wheel....bye bye Zune!
    12-12-08 08:58 PM