1. xMx_REAPER_xMx's Avatar
    so i know this may be a rediculous question.

    But, i was thinking about it last night, and i was wondering whether or not if you were to buy an unlocked Iphone, and have a storm sim card if you could actually make the phone work with verizons network?

    or is it that with the SIM card it works to allow you to access other GSM towers while traveling throughout the world?

    It may be a novice question but im new to the CrackBerry world.
    I've owned a Motorola Q9M for over a year now, and this christmas im picking up the BlackBerry Storm.

    I've been dedicated to this site for the last couple months ever since i made the decision, and i have to congratulate you guys on the awesome effort you've put in to answering peoples questions, and posting interesting articles.

    I just registered today, but ive been a silent observer serfing the forums, listening to podcasts, and doing all of the normal CrackBerry things!

    Thanks for any posts you guys have, and thanks for the welcome into the CrackBerry world.

    Oh, one more thing.
    Thanks for a very interesting, and in-depth storm review in the podcast Kevin, it was wonderful and answered so many questions/concerns i had with the phone. I now can move into the CrackBerry world knowing not to be worried at all about my Storm experience.

    P.S. sorry for being long winded, but i would love for anyone that reads this that has any information about any CrackBerry tricks or things I should know, to please pass them on to me.

    Thanks again.
    12-13-08 06:16 PM
  2. big dawg 23's Avatar
    Verizon is CDMA and ATT is GSM. The point of the SIM is to work over seas. So no it wont work.
    12-13-08 06:18 PM
  3. xMx_REAPER_xMx's Avatar
    i assumed that was the case.

    i was just curious as to whether or not it actually had your account information on it so then if placed into an Iphone it would access the verizon network.

    Thanks though.
    12-13-08 06:21 PM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    Would it surprize you to know that Verizon was offered the iphone first and they turned it down.
    12-13-08 06:57 PM
  5. neolantis's Avatar
    Would it surprize you to know that Verizon was offered the iphone first and they turned it down.
    i wonder if the person that made that decision still works there?
    my guess...NO
    12-13-08 07:22 PM
  6. Arreat's Avatar
    If you had global access on your account and put the verizon SIM in an iphone and went overseas I'm pretty sure it would work on a GSM network such as Vodafone
    12-13-08 07:36 PM