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    Hi there
    I have a very confusing situation that I hope someone can answer.
    I have a BB Storm 1 which in my view has been ok - however I seem to have an issue when trying to make a phone call - a fundamental part of the equipment I hear you say.

    The issue I have is that I look at the phone and it has full 3G coverage with the Blackberry logo (BIS) - however if I make a call, a few seconds into it - the coverage reduces to GPRS & then GSM and then the signal quality becomes poor.

    I have checked the connection settings & it is currently set to 2G & 3G auto with VF UK. The weird thing is - if I change the setting to 3G only, the 3G & BB signal is retained & a phone call is possible. The problem I have is that if I leave it on this setting and then travel to an area without 3G coverage, I am then unable to make a phone call & have to switch back to get GPRS.

    I would point out that I have been into a VF store because of this & a battery usage issue and they replaced my SIM card & suggested I reinstall the OS 5 for the storm - all of which I have done.

    Any ideas from our there?
    07-28-10 04:12 PM