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    So...........just another oddity of my storm these days.

    It started yesterday, but I had no idea why.......

    and today I realized that it has something to do with the battery cover on my storm.

    whenever the battery cover is in place, my Storm will radonmly shut off and not turn back on. sometimes it occurs immediately after I put the battery door back on......other times, i'll get a few minutes out of my storm before it kills itself.

    I am pretty sure that something must be shorting out because the phone will not restart on its own. I have to pull the battery, reinsert the battery and let it reboot.......and I, of course, have to leave the battery door off.

    I was trying to sync my storm with Desktop Manager today and my PC was "bong"ing away as the PC would recognize the storm, and then the storm would disappear. Then, it would show up again, and then disappear. basically, the phone was trying to reboot constantly put couldn't. as soon as I removed the battery cover, the phone could reboot (after a battery pull.)

    Anyways, has anyone else seen such an issue with their storm.
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    07-01-10 10:19 PM
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    In hot weather or just time the pad on the reverse side of door swells so when you click bottom of door in it re expands enuff to push batt away from contact what I did is replace thick tap with fresh and was good to go....

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    07-01-10 10:28 PM
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    I'm willing to try anything right now. I just covered the inside of my battery door with electrical tape..........and that seems to be working! I think this is the last straw for me and my storm. I'm just gonna wait a couple weeks for the Droid X to pop up in stores, and I'll check it out.
    07-02-10 06:54 AM