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    I'm on my second storm with VZW and the phone call quality is driving me nuts. The first storm just had a faulty mic or something because everyone would say: "what? I cant hear you, you sound muffled"

    Now with my second storm things have gotten better but i've noticed people cannot hear me too well if i hold my phone with my left hand. I noticed the mic is located on the left so its closer to your mouth if you hold it with your right hand.

    Also i need to be holding my phone in an exact position. The slightest move, people say i sound far or away or muffled. GOD this is annoying!

    Trade for a 3rd phone???

    Running 114 Hybrid at the moment (.75, 103/106 hybrid both had the same issue)
    03-17-09 11:54 PM
  2. doidaporti's Avatar
    I talk too loud for people not to hear me... Even if the phone isn't near my mouth lol


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    03-18-09 08:29 AM
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    Yah. RIM are a bunch of Leftists...

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    03-19-09 02:11 PM