1. acons017's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I'm under Telus, a Canadian provider, and am trying to decide on whether or not I should get the Storm. A few questions:

    1. Does Docs2Go come with the Storm for Telus users? (I know Verizon's does)

    2. Does the YouTube app come with the Storm for Telus Users?

    3. Does visual voicemail come with the Storm for Telus Users?

    4. My plan is currently 45$ a month (including tax).I have unlimited text, data, IM and 350 mins. Is the Storm worth upgrading if I have to pay 55$ a month (including tax) for the same amount of features

    5. Release date/price. (I heard 299$ Dec 8th)

    Thanks in advance guys. Really appreciate the help.
    11-22-08 05:19 AM
  2. snowgimp's Avatar
    "questions you cant answer" with no recognition in the post of "hey if you know the Telus info could you share"...your post angers me.
    11-22-08 05:21 AM
  3. acons017's Avatar
    Got it noticed. That's all that matters. Are you on this forum 24/7? I always see that you've replied to posts.
    11-22-08 05:22 AM