1. coleon's Avatar
    I have a storm 9530, an no PSP, On my PS3 I have options to sync a BD Remote, Dose anyone know how to use the BB storm as a psp remote for my PS3. On the PS3 options I can enter a SSID, and follow the steps accordinly as if it was a PSP. But I tried to sync phone, or liston for devices an my PS3 wont see my phone... Ultimatly Id like to utilize my storm as a remote for my PS3. Not sure if it can be done, but it definatly would be cool if possible....

    Thanks, Cole
    05-29-10 12:52 PM
  2. Cleothaj32's Avatar
    Is this a serious question or are you just bored??
    05-29-10 01:36 PM