1. AK-47GOD's Avatar
    Ok I got a new puppy and he chewed my charger in half. My charger had a USB port on it but also plugged into the wall. I needed to upload pics so I tried reconnecting the wires and plugging it into my computer. My computer said something about USB device power surge. After that I noticed my Storm was shut off and it wont charge anymore. What I need help with is, Im thinking that my battery is just completely shot. If I get a new one for a ridiculous 40 bucks do you guys think or know if it will work again or is my Storm just done for? Thank you for reading.
    08-22-10 07:29 PM
  2. jeffmeden's Avatar
    Does the original wall charger not work to power on and charge the phone? The only way the battery itself would get toasted is if the phone was also toast (or you ran the battery down and let it sit for 6 months)... Get a new usb cable, they are $1 on monoprice.com for God's sake. As for the battery there are plenty of cheaper options available too.
    08-23-10 10:09 AM