1. leica1215's Avatar
    I have read all the different kind the problem with storm, I also had few issues, but none of them are major. maybe we just too picky about the our storm. the only issues now, is the phone sometime shuts off itself.

    ha tired of figuring out what it is.. just want to use the phone for what it suppose to do.
    03-08-09 01:53 AM
  2. silliybilly's Avatar
    I'm new here but have been lurking and reading these forums for months. I just got a Storm 4 days ago and had the random reboot issue. It rebooted about 20 times in the 1st 3 days i had it!! I updated my OS to .109 yesterday and so far the phone has performed flawlessly! No reboots and the phone doesn't seem as laggy. It wasn't that difficult to update the OS and there is a great thread with plenty of info on how to update properly here at CrackBerry. Good luck.
    03-08-09 08:06 AM