1. amv357's Avatar
    How is it going for you with the Storm and your Mac?
    11-22-08 08:39 PM
  2. amv357's Avatar
    I am running Leopard and using Missing Sync. Its hit or miss if I get my pictures and music from iPhoto and iTunes. Anyone else dealing with this issue?
    11-22-08 08:41 PM
  3. anon(1254132)'s Avatar
    Are you having a conversation with yourself?
    11-22-08 09:47 PM
  4. jason1332's Avatar
    I am running Leopard and using Missing Sync. Its hit or miss if I get my pictures and music from iPhoto and iTunes. Anyone else dealing with this issue?
    Try pocketmac instead...
    11-22-08 09:51 PM
  5. anon(1254132)'s Avatar
    PocketMac isn't working with the Storm.
    11-22-08 09:52 PM
  6. jason1332's Avatar
    PocketMac isn't working with the Storm.
    Crap...I have a mac and a pc and haven't even messed with my mac yet...sorry for the bad info.
    11-22-08 09:56 PM
  7. bloodbath18's Avatar
    There's a program called Parallels Desktop but it costs 80 bucks.
    11-22-08 10:02 PM
  8. HawkeyeOC's Avatar
    That allows you to put windows XP or Vista on, But I heard there were issues with Parallels letting you use the USB port?
    11-22-08 10:09 PM
  9. bloodbath18's Avatar
    My brother's phone worked fine. He did something with it though.
    11-22-08 10:15 PM
  10. strauss884's Avatar
    I haven't synced calendar yet. However for my Media I took out removable Micro SD card and but it in my curve and pt photos and music on it and then I put it in the storm and it worked fine. Hope this helps.
    11-22-08 10:16 PM
  11. bigbdz16's Avatar
    i run VMware Fusion and it recognizes everything and runs great. I am having problems with DM see my thread please and help out if you can
    11-22-08 10:16 PM
  12. paa79594's Avatar
    I just bought missing sync. it works fine, i got my contacts, calendar, and itunes music over.
    i cant help but feel RIM owes me something after having to spend 40 bucks just to freakin sync
    11-22-08 10:31 PM
  13. anon(1254132)'s Avatar
    Rim will come out with their Mac version of Dm sometime in Q1 of 2009.

    For the media, taking out the SD card and using a card reader is another option.

    For contacts and calendar, I use Entourage. I would do the VMWare Fusion run around, but don't feel like taking the time to install windows on my machine.

    And blowing $40 on software for a few months isn't worth it for me.
    11-22-08 10:34 PM
  14. spatzs's Avatar
    I have a new storm and want to run VWARE FUSION 2.0 does it require a product number fro the virtual set up?
    11-23-08 07:59 AM
  15. alejovh120's Avatar
    i tried pocketmac today and everything works fine, transfered calendar, contacts, music (no DMR) and iphoto. give it a try
    11-23-08 08:44 AM
  16. anon(1254132)'s Avatar
    Damn. Still not working for me.
    11-23-08 08:53 AM
  17. dargi's Avatar
    I could not get Pocketmac work either.....So I bought Missing Sync and it was flawless.....except for iTunes. I guess there are DRM issues.
    11-23-08 09:15 AM
  18. spatzs's Avatar
    pocktmac sucks and doesn't work
    11-23-08 12:24 PM
  19. Tandesrn9's Avatar
    Pocket mac will sync everything, but my pictures and music, it says some to the effect of that there is no SD card present.
    11-23-08 12:58 PM
  20. dirtyjersey's Avatar
    I have (finally) had success syncing with my macbook. Pocketmac does not recognize the Storm, it seems to need an update (drivers or something.)

    I pulled the trigger and bought missingsync... it is certainly better than pocket mac. I synced all of my address book. I have over 272 gigs of music on my external hd, so i made a 5gb playlist on itunes and then checked just that box on missing sync.

    At first i had some serious issues with the music sync. Here are the problems and how i fixed them.
    1. First the media card wasnt configured for mass storage mode. I had to go to options > memory > and change 2 things. Mass Storage Mode Support ON and also Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode when Connected ON.

    Then it recognized my music but only loaded the first album and stopped...

    SOooo... i rechecked what songs i had on there, removed one album that had DRM (i didnt notice it earlier) the rest were all mp3 files. but still no luck.

    SO i copied all of those songs into a new playlist > went back to missingsync, checked the new playlist and it worked. I felt like i was trying to trick the damn software, but it worked.

    im not sure if any of this info is helpful for anyone... if so great, if not... please dont mind my rambling.

    go jets.
    11-23-08 01:05 PM
  21. scungi's Avatar
    My PocketMac worked initially, then when I added a calender date and went to sync again, PocketMac appears to be trying to finish up the sync, and never finishes. The storm loses the connection to computer and goes to charge mode with time display.

    Its bizarre that it did work, but after I added dates to my calendar it wont now???? anyone else with this issue, but I will confirm it did work initially and that is PocketMac from the PocketMac website not the blackberry website. Tried both
    11-23-08 01:19 PM
  22. kdrawkz's Avatar
    Thanks dirtyjersey! You helped me a bunch!

    One question though, when I connect my storm and mac via bluetooth I can't transfer any files... is this a Verizon thing?
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    11-23-08 02:04 PM