1. IndianaStorm's Avatar
    Has anyone had this problem:

    I have my storm on vibrate only. text and all other messages only vibrate. HOWEVER when someone calls it vibrates then rings.

    Anyone have any suggestions. I have already done multiple battery pulls
    05-26-09 03:27 PM
  2. hookbill's Avatar
    I know that's a known problem but I don't remember the solution. Just posting to let you know you're not alone on that one.
    05-26-09 03:30 PM
  3. whyme4000's Avatar
    Well actually, its a setting in the profile I think. If you are holstering it, then I think the default setting for all profiles is vibrate/ring...

    If thats not it, then you will need to make a custom profile that sets everything to vibrate only...
    05-26-09 03:39 PM
  4. Transfigured's Avatar
    How 2 add custom profile for vibrate & override custom contact alerts:

    Sounds > custom profiles > add custom profile > name as u wish > set all functions 2 vibrate (volume silent etc.) > profile created displays in sounds list. Select when desired.
    05-26-09 04:45 PM
  5. edward4u's Avatar
    As transfigured pointed out, you need to create a custom profile.

    The system for the storm is set up so that a custom contact alert will always play...even when vibrate profile is selected.
    05-26-09 05:06 PM
  6. aczaplicki's Avatar
    I had that same problem untill I uploaded a leaked os. Then it went away.

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    05-26-09 05:10 PM