1. JasonG2005's Avatar
    I recently went to a VZW store to look at new phones, and the Storm has really caught my attention. After checking out a bunch of information on it here, I learned that it has 2 major issues (to me). One is the "clicking" issue with the screen, the other is getting dust under the screen.

    It seemed like everyone was able to return their Storm with little hassle for these issues, but it seemed like most the posts I was reading were from about a month ago. I read that VZW was giving until 1/15 for storm users to get replacements for their defective phones.

    Now it's obviously past that date, and I'm curious if I get a new Storm...

    a) Are they stocking phones with a better build quality now? I noticed the production switched from canada to mexico.

    b) Will it still be as simple as calling *611 and telling tech support about these issues for a new/refurb to be issued to me? Will this only be in the 30 day trial or will it work even past that?

    02-07-09 01:18 PM
  2. shah72's Avatar
    I can't answer about better build quality yet...but I've had my phone almost 2 months and went to the local store today about dust and they had no problems ordering me a new one. Should get it in a few.
    02-07-09 01:31 PM