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    I'm currently running lyricidal's 141/ hybrid OS. It's been working nice so far but I'm having an issue that I have also been having with previous OS.

    If I go to a contact and I dial a number from the person's details, I would get "Call failed" on my display. I would then have to press the Send button and press it again to redial or I would have to dial in the number myself. I can't make any calls from my call log or contacts.

    Another issue I'm having is when I take my phone out of the holster, it would stick thus forcing me to pull the battery. It does this randomly. In some cases, it would unlock when I remove it from the holster or sometimes it won't.

    Any help?
    05-28-09 10:24 PM
  2. ncsttsccr's Avatar
    it sounds as if you may have some corrupt files almost...

    when you upgrade, to you do a full system restore? there is a thread on here somewhere where a poster described having lag issue (i realize that's not what you are dealing with), but the issue was corrupted files

    he said the only way he got it fixed was to

    still backup 3rd party apps and phone as usual, BUT
    don't use those backups!

    sync your tasks/contact/calendar info with outlook
    wipe your device
    load the OS
    launch the hybrid
    sync your tasks/contact/calendar info back to your phone
    reinstall your 3rd party apps one by one off fresh OTA links (you would have to make sure to write down all the apps you have and know where to get them at, and make sure you have any keys to those apps you would need)

    of course that takes time and is a PITA but it ensured he had all fresh files and his app memory has been fine ever since

    also make sure you are programming your phone with *228 option 1 updating roaming with *228 option 2 (if on Verizon)
    05-29-09 01:28 AM