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    I have been administrating a BES at work for a while now and finally broke down and decided to get a Storm... I must admit the email is quicker and uses less battery than the Active Sync alternative (I had a decent PDA using AS previously and the battery lasted about 4 hours on heavy email days). Anyhow I started to experience some minor issues with the phone and called tech support and they told me to upgrade to 4.7.075 and I slowly started to experience more and more problems. First my phone started shutting off randomly every few days instead of going into screensaver mode. Then I lost the ability to go to landscape mode in both email and txting modes. It would work fine anyother time. I called Verizon and they are sending me a new phone free of charge but I thought I would see if anyone else received these types of issues when upgrading their OS...
    Also if you do call your provider as I was just going to 'deal with it'!
    12-30-08 01:38 PM