1. BB Virgin's Avatar
    Not sure if I'm in the right place, first off I'm a first time BB owner of several months. I've heard both good and bad about the Storm, I'm happy to say I'm a proud owner...BUT - several questions now that I've installed .148

    1. under my old set up I had the default key pad set to multi-tap, when under SMS or e-mail if I set it to sure type I would get the multi-tap key pad with sure-type features - I like this and am use to it, now it won't do that.

    2-under .75 I had one of the convenience keys set to 'call log' this is no longer an option under .148, it defaults to the phone screen and as I said not an option to set any of the keys to bring up the call log.

    3-Security time out, why can't I lock the phone with the password enabled anytime Id like without having the security time out feature set. I don't want it to lock after an hour, I want the liberty to lock and unlock it at will with password protection.

    I hope someone out there can shed some light on my issues or point me in the right direction...thanks Marc
    05-31-09 09:15 PM
  2. greystealth's Avatar
    Ok here is some help.

    1. can't do that anymore since they have included a full portrait keyboard.

    2. they removed call log. It is now phone. So you will need to set your convenience key to Phone. Then if you would like call log to come up, you must set the default view for phone. To do so go to Phone>>>Options>>>>General Options>>>Set Initial View to Call Log. Then save. Now when you hit your convenience key it will show call log.

    3. The security timeout is useless if you lock the phone yourself. All you need to do is Enable password and that is it. Whenever you lock then unlock it will prompt you for the password. Not sure what your problem is here.
    05-31-09 09:46 PM
  3. BB Virgin's Avatar
    Thanks Stealth, already did point 2 and that will work though it’s redundant. #1 was a big one for me and almost makes me want to get rid of the phone if I can't do what I once could, is there a way to roll back my SW. I'm not too impressed with RIM a lot of hype for a subpar product with inconsistent features.
    05-31-09 10:15 PM
  4. BB Virgin's Avatar
    I might add, the full portrait keyboard is useless unless you have fingers the size of Q-tips....
    05-31-09 10:17 PM
  5. modset777's Avatar
    Yes. There is a way to roll it back. Go to your Blackberry Desktop Manager and in there somewhere it gives you the option to downgrade back to what you had. Version .148 seems very slow, laggy to me. Not impressed at all.
    05-31-09 10:19 PM
  6. dtubbs06's Avatar
    1. Options -> Screen/Keyboard -> Portrait View Keyboard, it should be selectable now, not stuck on Full, if I read the other threads here correctly.

    2. No idea, not on it yet to know., and haven't seen any other posts about that specific issue.
    3. Ditto 2.
    05-31-09 11:00 PM