1. BastaTag's Avatar
    Hey guys...

    Recently my Gtalk has been locking up the phone on me. Only way to fix is a battery pull. I tried upgrading the version of gtalk off the application loader program on the phone. Still locks up. They aren't constant so i can't tell what is causing it..just random.

    running .99...

    any ideas?
    02-19-09 11:26 AM
  2. Lifeshifter's Avatar
    Im not that savvy in the software but I think I was reading in .99 Gtalk had problems, I'd say try upgrading to the new leaked version .103 and see how that works out.......but thats just my 2 cents and if all else fails, .75 official will always be there for ya until the new one comes out lol
    02-19-09 11:34 AM
  3. BastaTag's Avatar
    yeah i thought about that..and i read some problems with the battery on .103. so far .99 i've had zero problems...well except for this.
    02-19-09 11:41 AM