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    hi i love my bb but all of a sudden it freezes on me wen texting or useing bb messenger when tying on the screen it gose funny the letters blend and when i run my finger over them it put them back to normal..... if i text at normal speed (as i have to text snow for the phone to keep up) the phone freezes and i have to do a battary pull but i need to do it 10 times as the screen stays blank, i can still get emails facebook and calls and text but i cant see them as the screen blank. i am on the most up dated OS 5.0 something like that. if anyone got a idea let me know i dont want to punt this phone though a brick wall my bb is my life

    oh and i dont have apps to slow it down and i have clean it out to factory settings and it still fails
    05-07-10 02:22 PM