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    I'm traveling to France soon and I was wondering what I have to do in order for my phone to work there. Internet included?

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    03-04-09 01:32 PM
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    I have investigated this, and so far have found two methods. 1) Use the Sim card that is in there and use Verizon's international plan, which, I beleive, gives you the data service in the same manner as we get in the states ($60/mo pro-rated for the time you use it - not bad). Phone calls are about 1.30 USD per minute. 2) Buy a SIM card that works in Europe. One example is:
    Low-cost Europe cell phones and European SIM cards
    Only $29. However, their Blackberry plan is $0.005 per kilobyte, about $5 a meg - pretty expensive. I am thinking of getting the International plan for data and using the purchased SIM for phone calls to the states or if I have to make a few local calls.
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