1. 07thking's Avatar
    Hi all, I was just wondering how many storms took a hard fall and had little or no damage. The reason I asked is because I saw a youtube vid where a storms screen popped off as a result of a fall. Thanks
    01-01-09 02:37 PM
  2. Sooks's Avatar
    i dropped mine on kitchen floor , had a silicone case on , had no damage , if anything it helped to click a little lol.
    01-01-09 02:38 PM
  3. BBartist's Avatar
    Hard shell case is a lifesaver. These phones are pretty tough. Dropped mine out of my hand onto my coffee and
    on to the floor. Nothin! Dropped my alias onto the kitchen floor once and it blew up!

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    01-01-09 02:45 PM
  4. shellguy05's Avatar
    I was falling asleep at work in my chair one day, and my storm slipped right out of my hands on to the floor. Got a little scratch on the chrome around the top, and thats it. Otherwise phone still works great and nothing seemed to be damaged. This was about a week and a half ago.
    01-01-09 03:43 PM
  5. zsipe41's Avatar
    Ive had mine on my lap in our work truck. I forgot it was there and go to get out only to watch it fall about 5 feet onto the street. Its happened twice now First time got some chips out of the chrome and the battery plate flew off. Second time nothing happened since i had a seidio case on it. Im a lot more careful now!
    01-01-09 04:47 PM
  6. dayzofkonfuzion's Avatar
    I dropped mine today getting out the car. Guess I didn't realize it wasn't clipped to my pants, got out the car, and it fell to the ground. whomp whomp. Lukily it was in it's case, no damage at all. I was a little high and didn't really care either, if I wasn't, I would've been pissed.
    01-02-09 03:05 AM
  7. jwizzle13's Avatar
    Dropped mine on kitchen floor. Got a few scuffs on chrome but no internal damage to speak of. *knocking on wood as we speak*
    01-02-09 03:08 AM
  8. MuDvAyNe's Avatar
    My girlfriend dropped it on a tile floor. She is lucky it was in the verizon hard case and no damage was done

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    01-02-09 03:28 AM
  9. SpiralLight's Avatar
    I've already had about 2 drop situations and 2 liquid situations happen with my storm and it somehow looks good as new. i take careful care of my stuff but nonetheless i have freaked myself out over instances with this bad boy...

    -today it was in my hand and i was walking into my room and my hand holding the phone slammed into the doorknob. i flinched but no damage. it was not soft, either.

    -dropped it down a hard staircase and it tumbled down a flight of stairs. i was mad at myself, but again nothing wrong.

    -this guy spilled about a quarter of a glass of jack daniels&coke on my storm at the bar during the cowboys/ravens game. turned it off, wiped it off checked an hour later and it was fine.

    -a week ago i was driving with the moonroof open a little because i was smokin' and hit a seattle hill headed down at a light and this melting snow that was on top of my car slid down and DOUSED my phone bad and again miraculously nothing happened. i flipped when this one happened because i was sure i FUBARed it

    this phone is a tough SOB
    01-02-09 04:32 AM
  10. CrimsonClad's Avatar
    Dropped mine from a height of about four feet while removing it from the cradle onto a hardwood floor. It was fine.
    01-02-09 06:33 AM
  11. mully's Avatar
    Mine fell out of my Seidio holster while moving my trash can into the garage. It slid across the garage floor and scratched the battery cover a little, but everything still works great. (Except my battery door......which has kept popping off since day 1).
    01-02-09 06:38 AM
  12. bigslam123's Avatar
    I dropped my 1st one only 24 hours after I got it. I was setting up Christmas decorations with the family, forgot it was in my pocket and it fell out as I leaned over to set up a decoration. Unfortunately I was standing on the fireplace hearth at the time. Glass screens and brick do not go well together. I screamed as soon as I saw it leave my pocket. Scared my son to death. I managed to crack the screen. As soon as I saw that I yelled "Christmas is Cancelled! I have to go to the Verizon store!" All I can say is thank God for insurance.
    01-02-09 06:41 AM
  13. jmeiers's Avatar
    I dropped mine coming out of the bathroom at a Learning Tree campus. I made it all the way out the door but my Storm hand got caught in the door as it shut and popped the Storm right out of it. It landed right on the tile from about 3.5' up, without any protection at all. It works great and not even a scratch.

    I must admit, I did cringe while picking it up. The thought of it hitting the ground and the noise it made was horrible.
    01-02-09 07:03 AM
  14. 07thking's Avatar
    Thanks to all of you guys for sharing your experiences, I usually just use a holster but you guys have convinced me to use some sort of protective housing (to be on the safe side) would anyone recommend one that won't add much size to the storm? (i'm planning to get a storm in a couple weeks) thanks.
    01-02-09 08:55 AM
  15. ideal0024's Avatar
    I haven't dropped mine, but my brother did.

    We were at SeaWorld & me & my son were going on the roller coaster so I gave it to him to hold. When we got off & were walking toward he had a weird look on his face. Says "Your phone is dope, but I kinda dropped it." You could tell he felt bad. Said the battery cover came off, but not the battery. There is the typical drop scractch on the corner, but that's it.

    I bought a OEM rubber skin later that afternoon.
    01-02-09 10:04 AM
  16. Ndahlseid's Avatar
    I actually had mine catch the corner of my case one day when i was walking through a store and basically chucked it across the store on its screen. Works fine pretty impressed
    01-02-09 10:07 AM
  17. drkphotography's Avatar
    I've dropped mine twice since I got it on 12/24. Once was on a hardwood floor from about 3 feet up and the case just came off... the second time was yesterday at the mall on their concrete floor and the case just popped off. My phone still works great, and no scuffs anywhere either. I have the hard case from verizon, and I have to say it really does rock!
    01-02-09 10:27 AM
  18. Mordback's Avatar
    I first dropped mine on the carpet and almost had a heart attack. Of course there was no damage but I freaked anyway. Now I have a hard case and I don't worry at all.

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    01-02-09 10:55 AM