1. deb2252's Avatar
    My company won't allow us to use enterprise server to connect to e-mail.
    We have web-mail that I use on my PC, but when I try to access my corporate e-mail account from my BB it's a no go. Any hints on getting around this issue?
    01-30-09 11:45 PM
  2. ksmontoya's Avatar
    When i tried adding my company email thru the email setup wizard for some reason it was a no go, i thought maybe i was typing the wrong password or something... after deciding to give it one last try after like 7x.. it worked!

    Your using the storm email setup wizard and using your webmail address and login right? if so maybe just give it a couple of tries.

    Sorry if i was no help
    01-31-09 12:24 AM
  3. deb2252's Avatar
    I'll give it a try, thanks for the help!
    01-31-09 12:34 AM
  4. Mr. Elusive's Avatar
    Does your company use outlook web access to access your email?

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    01-31-09 12:44 AM
  5. deb2252's Avatar
    We use lotus notes
    01-31-09 12:49 AM
  6. deb2252's Avatar
    I found the solution to my problem. I dowloaded Opera and poof! I can access my corporate mail just like I do on my laptop! I guess it's a browser issue?
    02-08-09 12:46 AM
  7. BeldinRequiem's Avatar
    Here is my problem,

    I am like some of the other guys on other threads. I want to increase my productivity at work, I am a supervisor that works in an automotive supplier factory. Basically, I want to be able to write my notes, copy them, and email them from where I am so i do not have to leave the production area and sit in the office several times per night to type decent notes. Admirable right? Well i have the same problem as other people. While I am important, im not important enough to be issued a company cell phone and even if i were, it wouldnt be a blackberry or other smart phone.

    I used a dell axim for a long time, and the IT guy on staff in our building would put in our access code and i could connect to our wireless out there and i could get into my web access mail just fine.

    Here is my problem and what i have been struggling with for months.

    They made it to where all of the controls besides basic navigation are on a java applet called "Domino Action Bar" on the web access page. Thats fine if you are on a PC, but there is only 1 browser for a mobile device that even claims it can do it, and its in alpha testing available for right now only on windows mobile phones.

    To clarify, i can get into my email on anything just fine and read emails. PC anywhere i have ever tried from, my axim when wirelessly connected to network, on a blackberry Bold at the at&t store with the tech there, on a samsung Epix at that same store to see if Windows mobile 6.1 would do java applets.

    The issue is I cant do anything except read them because all the functions like new, reply, delete, etc are not there because the applet wont load.

    The browser that is in alpha testing incase you are curious is called "Skyfire". And right now it says that they would like to do blackberry support next so there is hope in that regard. Problem is, my cell phone contract is up for modification and I can either go smartphone and risk that the alpha version of Skyfire is full of bugs... or wont work with the applet and be stuck with the phone...

    Or, go with the black berry and pray that because i have web access the blackberry wizard will connect me to my work email just fine.

    Since i have web access, and have connected to it everyday for 5 years, would i need to know the incoming and outgoing mail server name and port?

    Or will blackberry email wizard basically figure all that out for me?

    Webaccess is basically like the last persons:
    h ttp://access.companyname.com

    (had to put the space in there since im a crackberry newb^^)
    that puts me on the welcome page with the username/ password boxes and a log in button.

    I appologize for the lengthy post, and sincerely appriciate any help you can give me. I really dont want to get a phone and be stuck with it for 2 years not getting from it what i bought it for.
    02-13-09 01:27 PM