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    I think the browser on the storm is very good. Very close to iphone IMO. Blackberry needs to just combine thier page and column views in an intelligent way. Right now, when you load a page in page view you get a very good rendering of the web site. The problem arrises when you double tap to zoom into a section of the page you wish to read. The double tap zooms you in but I find that the text is still too small. I then click column view and the area I am looking at is re-rendered and the text size becomes large, readable and it fits nicely on the screen. Why cant blackberry take the two existing features and combine them to have the browser change to column view on a double tap? This would make the entire experience smoother and faster. Seems like it shouldnt be that complicated.

    The only other issue I have with the browser is that sometimes (and it only seems to be sometimes) when you switch from portrait to landscape, or visa versa, the text does not re-format and it runs off the page. Only refreshing the page corrects the issue.

    Other than that, I think this is a pretty dam good browser. I used an iphone for 4 months, so Im comparing it to safari.
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    04-05-09 06:36 AM
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    I also agree, garment69, with your assessment of the native browser. But I gotta say, that since the last update to the Bolt browser, I find myself using Bolt more and more. Im still a fan of Opera mini also, but the BB browser has improved tremendously.
    04-05-09 11:13 AM
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    The Storm browser IMHO can't hold a candle to the safari however Bolt is pretty damn good and it still improving. It has a lot promise.
    04-05-09 11:18 AM
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    Bolt browser is the worst of the three IMO. The bb browser is really practical and cool to use but opera is still my main browser. It is almost twice as fast , no lag when typing , and you can download videos as large as you want.

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    04-05-09 11:27 AM