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    My storm works fine as long as I do not let it go into hibernation mode. After it enters into hibernation mode, the bottom keys light up and the screen becomes a slightly lit up black. The phone is on and I can still answer it and hit buttons on the screen, it just won't show anything on the screen. I can pull the battery and restart it to get the screen to work again until the next hibernation. I searched online and most people with problems similar to this say to replace the screen, but as long as I pull the battery and restart it, it will work fine (a little glitchythough). I thought maybe it was a softwear problem so I wiped it out and undated it to the newest softwear (5.0 or something). I also took it apart and it seemed to work fine overnight, then malfunctioned again by the next morning. I took it apart again, and it seemed to work for a while as long as I didnt put the magnetic case near it. But then, it started going black everytime it went to sleep.
    My Boyfriend wants to pick up two more used ones to help us ride out the next 21 months of our contracts, but I'm feeling pretty frustrated right now and feel like throwing this piece of crap out a window.
    I've had the phone since June of 2009. Had a lot of issues with it (mainly just unresponsive keyboard issues). With diffetrent updates in the last 6 months, it's gotten a lot better.

    Any advice?
    I wouldn't mind switching to something different. I enjoy the bbm and my bf says we can't get out of our blackberry contract. But at this point Id go to anything that works.
    09-25-10 04:11 PM