1. vcent's Avatar
    my battery is draining real fast , and if i use 3g is even faster .
    so i need some advice on this . how are the storm owners deal with this problem ?

    1 carry another battery on standby
    2 get the fat/bigger battery and change the back door to accommodate the bigger battery .
    3 charge it "on the go"

    any other advise on this
    08-21-10 02:19 PM
  2. johnnysyeah's Avatar
    How fast is "real fast" ?
    My battery usually lasts only like 8 hours if I kept my main chat program (IM+ Pro) running constantly.
    But it's usually enough to last me through the work day; although I do have a charger I purchased and placed in my office.
    I always try not to let my phone go below 40% battery life.
    So I guess my solution for you is number 3) charge it "on the go"
    08-21-10 02:25 PM
  3. eddy4iu's Avatar
    just in case:
    Adjust your backlight brightness as low as you can stand it - I have mine set to 10 and have absolutely no problem seeing it day or night.

    Set your backlight timeout to 20 0r 30 seconds.

    Make sure to actually close out applications when you are finished with them - don't just switch to another or hit the red telephone button. They stay running and eat battery life. Particular offenders on my Storm are Poynt and Weatherbug.

    If you have a magnetic holster system it will also help conserve battery life as it puts the Storm in sleep mode when holstered.

    As a rule I put my Storm on the charger every night and have absolutely no battery life issues during the day. The only exception is when I am in an area with weak Verizon service and the Storm wears itself out (battery) trying to find the 1XEV signal. In those rare cases the battery drains fairly quickly.
    08-21-10 06:34 PM
  4. vcent's Avatar
    i have done the above and still do not work , im currently running on EDGE and not running 3g , it will last me from morning 9am to the max 3pm . and if my batt is remaining about 30% one call come in and it will go red .....

    i have set mine backlite to 10 .
    08-22-10 04:12 AM