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    Dear all:

    First of all thanks a lot for your help. It is my first post, but I have been reading since many many months and you helped to solve 99.9% of my problems..

    Im running offical Version .100 from Vodafone Greece

    However, Ican not find any solution for the following:

    1.- Storm back light within a call

    When I call somebay or receive a call, backlight is on and due to the touch between my ear and the screen, my backligh keeps lighting most of the time.....
    The only way I havce found to solve the issue its to talk for the first 10 seconds with my ear not in contact with the storm. After this 10 seconds, light is off and I can touch the screen with no problems becuse backlight is not turned on until I hear the faumous (click)

    I think this issue is killing my battery even if I have backlight bightness at 10%

    Do you have the same problem?
    Do you keep you backlight lighting during a call?

    Some times i have confcalls of more than 1 hour and this stupid thing is killing my battey and myself

    2.- Email sound Notification

    Whatever I do in the profile in order to silent the email notification sound, I can not mute this sound. Even if I reduce the volume to 1, it keeps notifying with a loud sound. It seems its not responding..

    I di not see any other post with thi issue that it is very unconfortable especailly during the night while you are sleeping

    If I do not find a solution, I will create aMp3 file with no sound and I will select it.

    However, I would like first to understand what happens b ecuase this is not a clean solution of solving an issue

    Many thanks in advance for your time and efforts


    02-19-09 01:16 PM
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    Any help Pleaseeeee??

    Thanks folks
    02-20-09 05:13 AM