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    By 8am all Verizon Stores in the OC area was completely sold out!!

    I visited the Verizon store at the District in Tustin, CA. They only had 17 storms for sale.

    Now it is just a first come first serve basis regarding ordering it. Depending on when you order it today, it will decide when you recieve it. I placed my order at 8:30am and they said that my Storm will arrive tomorrow by Noon. However, the rep said that if you place an order after Noon today, then most likely you will not receive it until Monday.

    I played with a demo storm for about 30 mintues or so and my initial impressions are positive. Most reports have been correct, the surepress keyboard will take time to get used to but once you tweak the adjustments and understand where to press, it should be ok to type on. The OS was .65 and it was a bit buggy. No big surprise here...1st gen products including the iphone all had major bugs when they were released but which were solved with later upgrades. The build of the storm is amazing and the screen is absolutely gorgeous. Webrowser was ok but not close to iphone for ease of use.

    BTW, i don't understand people comparing the Storm to the Bold or other QWERTY keyboard phones. OF COURSE, you will type faster and easier on any full keyboard phone as compared to a touchscreen. Duh!.... but the STORM is for people who love Blackberry but want a touchscreen. Yes you will lose a bit in the typing arena but you gain ALOT in the "fun" area if you will.

    Anyway, Verizon gives you 30 days to return any phones so we all have time to play with the STORM and make a decision by then.
    11-21-08 03:00 PM