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    Anyone notice how slow rhapsody is? I put a 16gb micro SD card in the phone and put about 8 gigs of music on the drive using the rhapsody drag and drop onto the drive. My issues:

    1- I have had my phone pluged in for over one hour and rhapsody has only loaded about 20% of the audio files. The phone loads super super slow and I want some faster way to get to the files. I tried using the method mentioned in the "tricks" thread but manually going to the mobile device via my computer dosent allow me to drag and drop direcetly to the drive.

    2- I am unable to modify and edit the files. I want to find an easy way to modify the file info.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    11-23-08 02:11 PM
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    no one else has had this problem?
    11-23-08 07:32 PM