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    I have been using the Blackberry Storm since December 5, 2008. My background is that I have not owned a Blackberry before. I did own a smart phone, without touch screen before upgrading to the Storm. I have owned a Windows CE HP 545, touch screen PDA. I am an old geek who loves technology.

    How do I use the Storm?
    Web Browser
    Occasional Email
    Book Reader
    GPS with Garmin and Google Maps
    Auto Tracker
    News Readers
    Occasionally Listen to Music
    Occasionally Listen to Radio using Moodio
    Contact list
    Todo List
    Alarm Clock
    Occasionally use the Camera

    Overall I really like the Storm and would probably have a hard time going back to a smaller less brilliant screen. As a phone the voice quality is second to none and the Verizon network hasnít failed me anywhere in the US yet.

    I find reading to be easy on the eyes and a nice way to pass time, like at the airport or in the air plane, I use Mobipocket. The Garmin GPS application works almost as well as a stand alone Garmin and certainly well enough to get me where I want to go.

    There are a couple of things about the touch screen that perplex me from time to time. When you pull the Storm from the case it seems to take it a while to orient itself and decide whether it wants to be portrait or landscape, all the while Iím trying to see who is calling. When placing a call I sometimes forget that it doesnít have a keypad so when I get an answering service asking for input I have to scramble to bring up the keypad then hit a key. Sometimes when a yes or no dialog box pops up it seems to be difficult to hit the Yes or No, even though the Yes may be selected it doesnít respond the first or second time I click the screen. I also find that sometimes I have selected a function but as I press to click the screen it selects the function next to the one I want. Perhaps I have one of the bad screens, I donít know.

    Other than these little annoyances the storm works for me and I wouldnít trade it for anything else out there, including the iphone.
    05-22-09 02:13 PM
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    I couldnt agree more with almost every single thing you've said.

    Does it have hiccups? sure. Are they a dealbreaker? not by any stretch in my opinion
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    05-22-09 03:16 PM