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    so basically the issue im running into is that when I go to listen to music on my storm 2 with headphones, it plays through the speaker phone first (while headphones are plugged in) and then attempts to jump to the headphones. Once it starts playing through the headphones, the music will stop after about 5-10 seconds. Once you hit the play/pause it'll either jump back to the speaker phone or go to the headset again and pause.

    I have no idea why its doing this...
    A bit of background info, I dropped the phone hard one day (about a month or so ago) and the screen smashed, just replaced it last night. Everything was running good, screen works properly.
    I updated to .601 last night as well, and thinking this was the issue i downgraded to .517
    Turns out its not the issue....
    Im starting to get concerned its an actual hardware issue, however im really hoping its not..
    Anyone have suggestions, advice, or have experienced this issue ??

    05-20-10 02:03 AM