1. timberwolf06's Avatar
    All of a sudden, my Storm stopped ringing when I receive calls. This started after I bought a hard cover for my Storm.

    Here are the things that I have tried so that I don't get recommendations like "try turning the volume up"

    1. I took the phone out of the hardcover.

    2. I tried playing media files over the speakerphone and they wouldn't play either. They play on the headset and the handset, but not the speakerphone.

    3. I turned off the holster options so that it would only ring. Not vibrate. Interestingly, even when I turn the vibrate off and put ring only, it still vibrates.

    4. I performed several battery pulls.

    5. I wiped the phone and reinstalled an earlier OS (4.0.148). Nothing, so I went back to 5.0 and still nothing.

    6. And yes, I made sure the mute was not on. In fact, I thought it might have got stuck because of the hard cover, so I used the mute in a phone conversation with my wife and the mute on/off both worked properly using the handset.

    None of these things worked. Has anyone else had this issue.
    06-06-10 07:32 AM