1. 613trin's Avatar
    Hey folks. I may be leaving the Mike network and my 8350i to get into the Storm 9530. Is it a good BB? What are people's thoughts on it on the Telus 3g network? Thanks!
    03-03-09 09:19 AM
  2. Ontittech's Avatar
    It is as good as any other option, and with the Millions they have just invested in the new 4G network inferstructure in a year it will be the fastest in North America. Personally I'd say Coverage is on par with Bell, but Customer Service is where Telus Shines. I have never had a complaint about Telus' Customer support. I usually have to contact them once every few weeks (we run over 250 Telus Phones) and always get someone who is knowledgeable and is quick to get any issues resolved.

    Unforunatly as far as the iDen network (mike), it is a dying network it seems. Telus does not seem to be ready to invest heavily in upgrading it, and fixing all their holes in the network. They follow only what Sprint/Nextel in the states do, and unless (in Ontario) you are on the 401 Corridor, Mike is a very hit and miss thing.

    Although sometimes looks can be decieving. I was told about 6 months ago at the Curve Launch by a RIM Carrier Sales Manager that there would not be any further iDen based blackberries, but then the 8350 appeared. and I was also told by RIM at this event that the 8830 would be the "Only" world Edition Phone, as the Cost for the R&D was too High LOL so I take everything regarding Cellular with a grain of salt.
    03-03-09 09:46 AM