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    I have multiple issues that I would like someone to please help me with. First off whenever people talk to me they say that it sounds like I am talking under water or in a box. My finger is not in the way of the microphone at all. Second off, every time I answer my phone it changes to landscape mode and changes back and forth between headset speaker and speaker phone during the conversation. I have storm lock on my phone so I know I am not hitting buttons. The next problem I am having is that my signal strength continuously fluctuates and in areas that I should have perfect signal I am all over the spectrum from 5 bars to searching for signal and dropping calls. Also I notice that my application memory will go all over the place as well. One day it will be at 30mb and an hour later it is at 9. This is the 4th storm that I have had in the past 2 years. All have been replaced under warranty due to defects. How do I fix the problems so I can enjoy my phone without feeling the need to throw it against the wall every 5 seconds. Someone please help me
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