1. karamba07's Avatar
    So this morning I played with a co-worker's 3G iphone and compared to the storm at the same time. On the main screens, rotating from portrait to landscape and vice-versa, the Storm is definitely faster than the iphone. It is very noticeable. The iphone has this in between screen that tries to cover up the lag but it is slower.
    I then brought up the browser. Now it was not even a contest. The storm's switching is near instantaneous, while the iphone is still at the same slow speed. Moreover, the same page loaded faster on the blackberry.
    The iphone is just like the original OS that the storm came with. I wonder if the people who complain about the lagging of the storm ever used an iphone, or are they mainly former blackberry power users?
    I am not bashing the iphone. I just thought I was missing something from all the negative posts I've been reading. Now if we could only get all the apps the iphone has then we'll be set.
    12-08-08 03:38 PM