1. babegurll's Avatar
    Hey guys, I need help desperately. I have an unlocked storm 2 from vodafone but using it on the Rogers network. I had it for just around a year now and I have never updated it. Now all of a sudden, it keeps giving me these messages across the screen" uncaught exception:index 5>=5" and i keep having to press "ok"then it says" uncaught exception:applicationRegistry.getorWaitFor (0x7c802477365c3985) ownerdied Thread[Thread-91020288,5]" then i have to press ok again to get rid of it. It shows up about 5 time before actually going away. Worst of all it wont allow me to call out and i cannot recieve incoming calls but my bbm and text messages work fine. Now, im thinking an OS update will fix this but im not sure. Any suggestions or does anyone know an alternative way to fix this. Please help guys.
    08-27-10 12:17 PM
  2. valorian's Avatar
    The title of this post says Storm 2 but your profile says 9530 Storm which is the Storm 1. If you indeed have a storm 2 you should post this in the Storm 2 section.

    But, sorry I've never seen these error's before. You may want to try an OS install and see if that fixes your phone.
    08-27-10 02:17 PM