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    hi i have a 9520 and i feel by the bottom 4 buttons the screen gets real stiff.
    Ive lurked CB for months and i know by adjusting certain screws in the back you can adjust the screen's clickability.

    I have a unlocked 9520 on tmo us so i dont have any type of insurance/warrenty (tmo uk phone)

    can someone give me a slight tutorial on how this is done ?
    08-10-10 09:50 AM
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    The screw adjustment doesn't really apply to the S2. It was a staple of Storm 1 ownership for many as there was only one button in the mechanism and the screen wouldn't press that button uniformly from every corner. Plus, the purpose of those screws is not screen adjustment by design - they are there to hold the case together. They just had that effect on the screen when loosened.

    The S2 has a button on each corner.

    The problem you describe is a flaw in many S2's, particularly early ones (or used replacements from that early batch). RIM upped the sensitivity in later OS's (after 320) which solved the issue for some, but not all. It was more a compensation for a manufacturing issue, so if the issue was severe enough on a particular phone, the OS fix would not fix it.

    I'm living with the same issue, and I'm running a recent OS. I'm going to pop mine open at some point to check on a theory as to the issue, but I have doubts. My upgrade is available in November, so it's either a S3 (not the Odin refresh) or Android at that point.
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    08-10-10 10:02 AM
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    Some created a post on how to solve the issue check it out if you are capable enough to go down in the belly of your phone

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    08-13-10 08:28 AM
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    To adjust the screws at the back you wil need a Torx screwdriver (size T6). I suggest you start adjusting on the screw without the warranty sticker on it. But before you start you may want to have a piece of paper and pen beside you to keep track of your adjustments just to play safe. Also make a marking on the screwdriver so that it's easier to identify how many turns you have made. Remember always do the adjustments in SMALL turns whether clockwise or anticlockwise. I started out with 1/4 turns and then later on with 1/8 turns to do the "refinements". You will need lots of patience doing this and i suggest you do to do the adjustments over a few days if you don't have the time. Now, if adjusting the screw without the warranty paper is still unable to give ur screen a "perfect fix" then you may want to consider adjusting the one with the warranty sticker on it as well, which was wad i did. But remember to carefully remove the sticker with a pin or something and place it somewhere safe so that you can replace back the sticker once the adjusting is done. Note that both screws need not to be of the same tightness in order to have the "perfect fit". Lastly, remember that you will need lots of PATIENCE in order to find the "perfect fit". Just to let you know i was once having problems with the click of the screen (no click and multiple clicks) especially on the call and end button but after adjusting the screws i can say that my screen is perfect or almost perfect now. Hope this helps!
    08-14-10 12:53 AM