1. viking's Avatar
    Has anyone found a fix for the Storm 2 9550 not auto rotating from portrait to landscape? I am having that issue.
    11-13-09 09:38 AM
  2. Bajanbastard's Avatar
    Happened to me 2 nights ago. Would go to landscape in BBM. Hard reboot fixed it. Whats really getting to me is my damn escape key.
    11-13-09 09:49 AM
  3. viking's Avatar
    fixed the issue, did a battery pull, SIM card and media card pull, and when rebooted held it in landscape and shook the cr*p out of it, seems silly but worked. Original battery pull did not fix it for me.

    I hear it has to do with the screen lock key on top of the storm2, so hopefully a software update will fix it soon.
    11-13-09 09:56 AM