1. mpmodrak's Avatar
    Hello. I have a Blackberry Storm 2 and I have a problem with my keyboard it lags severly, but only when i'm texting in SMS mode. So here are the things that I have with my phone:

    I'm On Verizon Wireless
    I have the following 3rd Party Apps:
    1. Pandora
    2. V Cast Song ID
    3. Bing
    4. V Cast Apps
    5. Visual Voice Mail

    Mind you that "V Cast Song ID", "Bing", "V Cast Apps" and "Visual Voice Mail" have never been activated on my phone and I can't uninstall them so they are just taking up space on my phone.

    And I have already installed the new OS v5.0.0.713 (June 2010) and it hasn't gone away yet. Does anyone know how to get rid of this problem or if RIM has addressed it yet.
    06-21-10 12:20 AM
  2. Blacklac's Avatar
    .607 with WillyBoys v2.3 Hybrid was the best I've had yet to reduce keyboard lag. That is actually the best Hybrid I've ran, all around.

    The worst for me is when you switch between letters and numbers.
    06-21-10 01:01 AM