1. whippetcat's Avatar
    I utilize a corded headset with my Storm 2. I occasionally have the Storm in my pocket, but if I reach in my pocket to pull it out, and even lightly touch the touchscreen, I disconnect my call. Is there anything I can do to lock the screen when I'm on a call, or something to that effect?
    05-13-10 03:23 PM
  2. Cleothaj32's Avatar
    Press the screen lock button (top left hand side) of the phone. It works while using the phone (atleast mines does, I have OS
    05-13-10 03:57 PM
  3. whippetcat's Avatar
    This does not work on mine (I have .607, too). If I press the screen lock button while on a call, while on a headset, I can still press the buttons on the screen (speaker, mute, flash, add participant)--is there a way to be on a call that will lock the screen? Are there any apps available to do this?
    05-14-10 07:58 AM