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    Had this problem with my Storm 1, but I thought it would stop with all the free memory in my Storm 2. It's been ok for several months.

    But now, when I sync using DM and a USB cable it wants to delete my oldest Calendar entries. No warning - if I didn't have DM set to prompt for deletions they'd be gone. My only fix is to watch for this to happen, reject it, then re-sync after setting the sync to 1 way Outlook to Berry with "Replace all data in device" switched on. In the past this would carry me for a few days so I hope it will work for me again now.

    I have the Calendar set to keep entries "Forever" and DM set to sync "All scheduled events". I have 113MB free. I have 2248 Calendar entries dating back to Aug/07. I'm on Telus Mobility running and DM

    And yes, I want to keep them all on my Berry. I need no lectures about how I work or what I need to do what I do - I'm quite competent to make those calls myself, ok? And I've never had a problem with other devices, like every model of Palm every made (except the Treo series).

    Anyway, has anyone else had this problem with a Storm 2? This sucks.

    - R.
    06-11-10 08:55 PM