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    I currently have a Pearl 8130 and am able to upgrade come May 11. I've played with both the tour and Storm 2 before, but I am now debating on which one to get. I like the storm 2 screen, but ive also liked full qwertys. is the extra $100 worth it for the Bold? Will the Storm 2 last me two years?

    Its a tough decision, I hope some of the great people on crackberry could sway me one way or another.
    05-01-10 08:48 PM
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    the storm 2 has a full querty ,, just have to either hold the phone on its side or set it in the settings for full keyboard when held regularly i love my storm, and after a few days i didnt miss the actual keys what so ever.. the storm is fast, fun and easy to use, like all new gadgets they take time to get used to and to customize the way you want,, well worth it,, specially i got the shot gun app, and lemme tellya,, when you are trying to get co workers to shut up,, its alot of fun hahah
    05-01-10 08:58 PM
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    I have a storm 2 but I would go with the 9650 just based off of the 512mb of app memory compared to the 256mb that the storm 2 has. Also as far as lasting you two years you have a one year warranty for replacement with RIM and after one year with Verizon you can get a new phone at two year contract price on the primary line. I bought my storm in October 2009 and it is the same one I got new....so I think it is a dependable phone. Again I think the $100 is worth the app memory.
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    05-01-10 09:06 PM
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    I have a storm 2 but I would go with the 9650 just based off of the 512mb of app memory compared to the 256mb that the storm 2 has.
    Thats a good point, and one of my dilemmas. But I have never been one to have more than say 5 or 6 apps on my phone at a time. Does this make a difference? Will the extra flash memory make the OS6 run faster? Will the Storm 2 possibly lag with 256?
    05-01-10 09:11 PM
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    Thats a good point, and one of my dilemmas. But I have never been one to have more than say 5 or 6 apps on my phone at a time. Does this make a difference? Will the extra flash memory make the OS6 run faster? Will the Storm 2 possibly lag with 256?
    From what I gather the 6.0 software should run fine with any handset over 256mb I think that is why the 9700 is one of the last devices that will be available to run the software and I think that unit is only about a year old or less. Sounds like you need to decide between touch screen and physical keyboard. I am just as fast now on my storm 2 qwerty as I was on my curve that I had prior. But you can never have enough memory I would go with the 9650, plus I like the trackpad feature.
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    05-01-10 09:13 PM
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    Personally, the bigger screen is better because I occasionally watch movies on my phone when travelling. I keep/view a lot of pictures on my phone too.
    But it's personal preference. If you need a physical keyboard, the 9650 is a pretty sweet phone.
    05-01-10 09:23 PM
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    Just so I can understand, the flash memory is primarily for running apps and the more mb's, the more apps you can run simultaneously? So 256mb's is perfectly fine as long as you are running fewer apps at the same time?
    05-04-10 05:57 PM
  8. defaultposter313's Avatar
    If I were to choose, I would go with the Bold.
    05-04-10 05:59 PM
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    It is really screen size versus keyboard. I could not go back to the small screen!
    05-04-10 06:39 PM
  10. Seymour324's Avatar
    i have the storm2 and if i was waiting and hoping impatiently for the storm3 i would go with the bold just based on it being newer. Personally i'd be pretty mad if i bought a storm2 this summer and the storm3 comes out late this year or early next ((if it ever does)(fingers crossed))
    05-05-10 12:08 AM
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    I got a Storm 2 yesterday...I was holding out for the 9650, but after playing with the trackpad on the new Curve and the bigger keyboard on the Bold/ Tour, I don't like the trackpad and keyboard. I've had touch screens before and was a big proponent, but I'd have to say I'm impressed with the the Surepress...I love my Storm!!!
    05-05-10 02:08 PM
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    I came from a Pearl 8130, and got my S2 via my New Every 2 upgrade recently. I love my S2; it's been awesome so far. I had never had a touchscreen style phone before, but it only took me a couple days to feel comfortable with it. I really like the larger screen on my S2, and the SurePress is great. I also like the fact that you use portrait or landscape mode on web pages, viewing your pics, etc.

    As others have said, you can enable a full keyboard mode on the S2 if you prefer the QWERTY style keyboard.

    I don't do a ton of apps myself; so far the only one I've put on this S2 is BerryWeather. If you don't intend on having a whole lot of apps, I'd say that the S2 should work well for you.

    All in all, I'm really happy I went with the S2. The browser really impressed me, compared to my old Pearl 8130 that seemed soooo slow.

    You could always go ahead and order the S2, then return it in exchange for another phone within 30 days if you feel like the S2 isn't meeting your needs.
    05-05-10 03:21 PM
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    ofcourse i will say S2 is better because i'm S2 user and in S2 forum...
    sorry bro....
    05-06-10 05:13 AM
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    I have the 9700 and the storm2. The storm is an awesome device. But I used it for a month and the battery life erked me. And I also miss the kb. I often walk and type. With the storm2 I would make more mistakes while not looking, which is logical. I switch devices frequently. And to be honest, it really depends on what you want. The screen realestate is wonderful and a great typing experience. I can't pick between the two. That's why I have both and switch them out. I miss my old bold 9000 haha.

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    05-06-10 05:45 AM
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    I am in the same situation! I just upgraded my 8330 for the HTC Droid Incredible and am anxious to get back to the store to get rid of it! Android may be the hot new thing but BB is still tried and very true! For me, I am leaning to the Bold only because I use the phone quite a bit each day and the s2 battery doesn't seem to last as long as the Bold will. Either way, both should get the OS 6 when released and both are solid, dependable, and user friendly phones.
    I am certain that I didn't help you at all, but, for what it's worth, I choose the Bold
    05-11-10 07:43 PM
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    Not sure why others have had battery problems with their s2. I am surprised by how much juice my storm2's battery has left at the end of the day even with moderate usage.

    Personally I don't think I type any slower on the s2 compared to any other keyboard BB. The native web browser sucks but noone should be shocked by that. But like others have said reading web pages in landscape is awsome...I don't find myself squinting to read like with other BBs with smaller screens.
    05-11-10 08:41 PM
  17. eazymac's Avatar
    I have both a storm 2 and a bold 9000. I like the screen of the s2 but the bold to me is inherently more stable and functional. For messaging there is nothing that can touch the bold. Plus I think the quality of the os build on the bold feels more zippy and rock solid to me. I've run many different builds on both and I would lean toward the bold.

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    05-11-10 09:14 PM