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    This is the exact same message I posted in the Vodafone help forum, just don't feel like retyping it but hope someone can possibly help me:

    Ok, I've been trying for the past several days to get the update but with no luck. I've tried the webloader that you download off the blackberry website, it states that I am a Blackberry Enterprise User and there are no available updates. First, I'm confused about that as I am not a Blackberry Enterprise User in fact, when I go to the Enterprise option under advanced options, it says not activated. I've tried DM 4.7 and 4.6, it states that there are no updates available. I've done some option through the blackberry website where I put in my pin and checks to see if I'm eligible, and it says that I'm not. I've uninstalled and reinstalled DM several times, done the webloader uninstall and resinstall twice, about 4 battery pulls. I've contacted Techincal support at vodafone who was completely useless, literally told me keep trying because he doesn't know. Am I just destined not to get the upgrade? And yes I am still on .78 in case someone was going to say, "maybe you are already upgraded".
    05-13-09 10:33 PM
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    You have to download and install the OS exe file on your PC first. Read through the Sticky thread on the forum about how to do it.

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    05-13-09 10:51 PM