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    Does anyone have a storm 1 9530 working on ATT currently. Looking at switching over to ATT.
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    06-17-10 09:46 PM
  2. bigbadwulff's Avatar
    AT&T? You're a glutton for punishment.
    I will NEVER deal with them ever again!!

    My business had phone service from them for about 10 years. I was late with ONE payment. Got a call from them. I was out of town. Told my staff to run a payment to a local pharmacy you can do that from. You had to have some certain number(not the phone number) off the bill to do so. I called them to tell them I would pay when I got back....like 2 days later. The guy I talked to was arrogant and when we got done with our conversation he charged my account with being in violation of some term of contract, which incurred a fee of some $200. I cancelled the phone service and to this day have and never will pay them it.
    I will never do business with them ever again.
    06-18-10 08:32 AM
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    yah i have att and my storm works fine on their network but dont switch to them if you have verizon i am only 16 and if my parents are late on the bill they call me every 2 hours while i am at school i called customer service about a thousand times and told them not to call me but each time i am met with the same answer. "we cant control that its an automated service"
    06-18-10 02:16 PM
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    They can stop that automated call.
    06-19-10 12:42 PM